I’m an ice cream junkie!

I’ve been going crazy over CoolhausIce cream sandwiches.

Mmmmm. I would choose this over Tutti Frutti, anytime. (: Someone please bring it over here? Or I shall start my own chain then.

Look, I even designed my own Coolhaus truck, with a touch of the colour purple, of course. (:

Ooohhh, this is so much fun! 😀 I shall make my very own ice cream sandwich this week, hmm what do you say, since i’m gonna free this week you know. (: hehe.

Something similar to this by 17andbaking ? or this one in heart shapes? but i’m tempted to do this one too using espresso!

Hmm, if you’re a ice cream junkie like me, and tempted to try making ice cream sandwiches, try them and let me know how your experience went okay!

READ THIS TOO. NYC’s Top 10 Ice Cream Sandwiches! Someone please bring me to New York now. (:

And how come we don’t have Ciao Bella Gelato here? 😦 😦

Lookie! We even have Starbucks ice cream now! (:

Sorry, had to crop my face out cos I look so blehhh. -___-

Don’t we all love Haagen Dazz? (:

B&J ❤ Hehehe, my favourite flavour – Coffee Heath Bar Crunch! I have not eaten this in a long time. The last time I ate it was 2 years ago in Florida! SO LONG AGO. -.- Oh, and do you know that Haagen Dazz is actually cheapter than Ben & Jerry’s in the states? Yeaahhhh, you can find them as low as 2 dollars during a special deal. That’s how much I pay for a single scoop ice cream on a cone. I think. What a rip off!

Okay, hahaha, I’m done ranting about my ice cream craze. Hehehe.

More to come! (:


  1. Mmmm! Yum Yum! the 2nd best thing to macaroons!

  2. Wahaha. Maybe……

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