Mr Chu

Chuuuuu Chuuuuu train!

“Wgehhhh”, “class ah class”, Mr Chu, sigh, we are REALLY gonna miss you.

I can still remember my first Physics class, I was giggling throughout the whole class because of the word “eight”. HAHAHA. You can’t blame me, I was a naughty girl sitting in the back row then, constantly stuffing food into my mouth. (Not like I’ve changed a lot since then. :P) Just ask Wenfei or Andrew, hahaha, I’m always giggling during Physics. (:

Just look at how naughty we were then!

Mr Chu was our first Physics teacher and the ONLY Physics teacher we had. We were really lucky to have him.

Mighty Minds 09

He even accompanied us when we went for the Mighty Minds Competition a year ago. Before the competition, we had “practices”, solving various questions and completing different tasks and challeges, Mr Chu did his best to prepare us for the competion. One of the challenges we did, we made a portable lamp where I covered it in orange paper and foil, it looked like an alien lamp alright!

This year, Mr Chu was 5 Mozart’s assistant home room teacher. We were lucky enough to have him to teach us Physics again this year too.

My first day in school this year, I had lost all my stuff in my locker. I was so devastated because I thought I’ve lost ALL my books. So I went over to Mr Chu and asked him to help me. Although I didn’t get everything back but I got most of the important stuff and Mr Chu really tried his best to get everything back for me.

You might see Mr Chu as a quiet teacher, but deep down inside, he is really one of the most dedicated teachers I know. He would explain a certain subtopic over and over again, no matter how many times we ask him, so that we would understand. He would fill up the whiteboard with notes every single time we have Physics. (that’s a lot of ink!) He would show us his very cool magic tricks which obviously are just scientific experiments lah! He would tell us stories of him being recognized as a young boy with a babyface and get us laughing at his jokes. Oh, Mr Chu.

Just last week, we got to know that Mr Chu would be leaving school at the end of this semester. Everyone was like “Whaaaaaat? Whyyyyyy?”, the next question that popped into our minds was “Who is going to be our new Physics teacher then?”. You know, no matter who is it going to be, we are still gonna miss Mr Chu, very much.

I would have to say Physics is indeed my weakest subject, not because I do not like it or Mr Chu has not taught me well, I just find it hard to understand. I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed you, Mr Chu, because I don’t score very high in Physics all the time and my marks were never really that promising. But you know what? I will get that A for Physics in my upcoming SPM, for you Mr Chu. (:

Seeing you sitting in the Physics Lab in the dark all alone when we were about to go and take that alien lamp, I just really don’t know what to tell you what we were there for. Exiting that room and hesitating whether or not to go back in and get it, I just couldn’t do it. Sorry Mr Chu, but I know you didn’t tell us earlier about it too because you didn’t wanna see us sad and distract us with all that with exams coming up soon. We understand. (:

After lunch today, that was our LAST Physics class with Mr Chu. We all know there’s nothing we could do to make him stay and all we could do was to just treasure our last class with him. After that, we proceeded to the hall for a BM seminar and when we came back, Mr Chu left us a note. We teared. It was the sweetest message a teacher has ever written to us.

Mr Chu, we love you too. Take care.

[Credits to Kris, Kai-Cong & Germaine for pictures]

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