30DOTH #9

Pear and Cinnamon Pie

*I lav cinnamon. (:


30DOTH #9

Sorry but I think my mini project came to a slight hiatus after a few days. Eek. :/ I’ve been busy, Paramount Championship is finally over. Still trying to catch up on my homework and sleep. 😦 I am so tired, it’s not even funny. 😦


*think I got cursed today because I’ve been dropping my food and drinks all day long today. 😦

Brownies. that are so freaking sexy. (:

gonna catch some sleep now!

30DOTH #8

Tiramisu; in the making.

30DOTH #7

Rojak; Penang.

30DOTH #6

Hokkien Mee; Penang.

30DOTH #5

Creme Brulee Custard Green Tea Chiffon Cake; Paramount Championship Culinary Dessert Finals

Second Placing.

Yes, we were hoping for gold but we did our best and we had so much fun. Thank you Victor for being an awesome partner! (:

There’s so much behind this picture, the amount of time and effort preparing for this, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the support from my dear class 5 Mozart. Thank you so much, I love you guys.

30DOTH #3 #4

Cendol; Penang.

Cendol; Nyonya House.

Compare? Red beans or no red beans?

I prefer no red beans and the one with green pea flour. ❤