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Last Week of School Update!


I’ve decided that I should make this blog sound a bit more optimistic. Therefore, the happy pictures and food pictures will be back, trust me!

I’m sitting here, typing this as I am regretting not going to school today. Can’t believe I’m spending today at home, when I have about 3 more days left this week – last week of school! 😥

Sorethroat, headache and fever has subsided. Today’s aim is to get rid of all my toxins in the body.
Water, healthy food! & I’ll go for a jog later if I have the energy to.

Coldplay’s on repeat and I’m just going to take today as a day to relax. Altho, I should prolly be doing add maths; add maths marks for trial 2 was so disappointing for me!

I haven’t had froyo in more than a month! 😥